Bedroom Makeover: Mix of Textures, Fabrics and Accents Add Style to the Bedroom

Bedroom Makeover: Mix of Textures, Fabrics and Accents Add Style to the Bedroom

Sanctuary. That’s what we seek in our bedrooms. From calming colors to luxurious luxe, the creation of a restful haven rests in one word. Comfort.

Prevailing home décor trends speak to definitive comfort, especially in the bedroom. Marshmallow-soft comforters and sateen duvet covers, layered blankets and sheets, and pillows galore — these are the things that define today’s bedroom style.

The theme for comfort plays on the trend of mixing fabrics and textures. It’s more about blending fabrics and colors that complement each other rather than exactly match each other. This style is sometimes referred to as “boutique” look, but self-proclaiming definitions aside, it’s about creating the unexpected. It’s about what makes you feel good.

Bold Patterns and Colors

The combination of bold designs and companionable stripes or opposing patterns is a look that’s taken hold in recreating the bedroom’s palette.

With a reworking of color schemes — some based on the bold designs and colors of the 1970s — everything old is new again. These new-again styles (think citron greens and mandarin orange tones) have brought this style forward with better flare and more tasteful fabrics than its predecessors.

On the other end of the flare spectrum, taking a cue from nature, many of today’s bedding styles incorporate bold designs but in patterns of leaves, botanicals and blooms — one of the most arresting looks is the mixing and matching of pillow covers and sheets in opposing hues of the bedspread and layered atop crisp, white sheets. This look conveys the sense of “turn down” service at posh hotels.

Russets, garnet reds, gold and sage tones are popular color schemes, too, which can transport you to tropical places as you drift off to sleep or wake to the first sunny rays of morning light.

Traditional Gets an Upgrade

Patchwork quilts are big again, their traditional, easy style now updated with contemporary designs and, again, bold color. In pure cotton, these quilts are a perfect way to layer for chilly nights with added pizzazz for a contemporary look. Lighter-weight quilted designs work well all year through for regions where temperatures don’t get so cold.

Headboards, too, are becoming a prominent component for inspiring the look and feel of the bedroom. Stylish makeovers of traditional designs range from casual tufted and slip-covered to the more upscale leather and upholstered. The trend here is cushy comfort with thick padding for a soft, dressed-down look, rather than stiff and formal.

Tone-on-tone makes it big in the bedroom. Select color palettes in neutrals or whites to bring ethereal notes of luminous comfort. Layer with like shades a step or two up or down in the palette range. Don’t be afraid to mix patterned and textured pieces of the same color family. This look is especially beautiful against a darker wall color or headboard.

Toile patterns and canvas fabrics in neutral shades soften and keep the overall look from being too formal. Ticking stripe on a headboard pairs well with quilted floral patterns in like colors and hues. When well chosen, stripes and floral patterns mix extremely well together. Tip: combine striped patterns running in the same direction as the ticking on the headboard to create symmetry when combining with patterned designs.

Organics and Textured Fabrics

Organic cotton is a natural choice when it comes to texture and incredible softness, its resulting comfort coming from thousands of threads being woven together for a supple, luxurious feel against the skin. Look for Egyptian cotton or cotton from Portugal, leaders in this enticing export.

Velvets in rich tones are the perfect indulgence in the bedroom. Pair complementing colors when choosing bedspreads, bed skirting and drapes. During warmer months, draw back the drapery with ornamental tiebacks and layer a natural-colored or soft jewel tone curtain sheer underneath to lighten the room.

Textured rugs can add another layer of softness. With the continuing trend of hardwood flooring replacing wall to wall carpeting, area rugs complement the warmth of wooden floors.

Extreme shag carpets in synthetics or chenilles are another comeback item. Norwegian wool is an especially popular choice for softness, especially on a chilly morning.

Pillow Talk

This item is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to revitalize the bedroom if you can’t afford a whole room makeover.

Heaped on the bed in various sizes, shapes and coordinating colors, pillows alone can add instant cozy chic to the bedroom. Don’t be overly fussy in arranging them, either. Lean them against the headboard in alternating sizes or toss casually alongside one another.

Reversible pillow covers are a practical way to get two looks from one set of items. Many styles feature deeper colors and patterns for winter that can be reversed to a lighter shade or toned-down pattern for spring and summer months when you want to freshen the look of the bedroom.

Experiment and see what you can uncover.

Choosing a Color for Dorm Room Decorating: How to Evoke Moods with Shades of Blue, Red, Purple, Black, or Pink

Choosing a Color for Dorm Room Decorating: How to Evoke Moods with Shades of Blue, Red, Purple, Black, or Pink

A simple and inexpensive way to decorate your dorm room is to add color. Here’s how to evoke moods through the color of your residence hall decor.

Dormitories, for the most part, are bland and boring, and one of the easiest ways to decorate your dorm room is to add some color. No, you’re not allowed to paint a dorm room, but you can add color with wall decorations, bedding, area rugs, curtains, and other creative and inexpensive touches. By working with your roommate, you can put together a color coordinated room that looks more like a home than a temporary place to live.

So what color schemes should you choose for your dorm room decor? Color and emotions are intricately linked, so choose colors that set the mood you want. Here are some tips to think about when choosing colors for your dorm room.

Blue and Green Dorm Rooms

College is a stressful time, so why not decorate your room with colors that have a relaxing effect? Blue and green promote psychological sensations of calmness, peace, and tranquility, which may be exactly what you need after a long day of classes. Consider using brighter shades of these colors, as too much dark green or blue can evoke moodiness and create a depressing atmosphere.

Red and Yellow Dorm Rooms

The color red evokes feelings of excitement, and the color yellow evokes cheerfulness. A dorm room decorated with these colors may stand out as a fun, friendly place for visitors. Red and yellow also promote concentration because they’re so bright, so if you plan to be studying late at night in your room, these colors might give you an extra boost. Consider avoiding brighter shades or red and yellow, as these might cross the line between cheerful and tacky.

Purple Dorm Rooms

When it comes to decorating, purple is an unusual choice because it has such a quirky feel. If you’re looking for a room that stands out as unusual or funky, purple might be the way to go. Pastel shades of lavender can add a feminine touch, while darker shades can evoke a sense of royalty and richness.

Beige, Tan, and Brown Dorm Rooms

Some might consider these neutral shades to be boring and too basic, but they don’t have to be. People often use these colors for their homes because they evoke a comfortable, homey feeling, so you may want to try this out for your dorm room as well. To avoid a drab look, choose interesting patterns in these colors. An advantage of using neutral shades is that you won’t have to worry about bringing things into the room that don’t match.

Pink Dorm Rooms

Pink is a color associated with femininity, and more specifically with little girls, so girls who are going off to college may shun this color because they feel it is not “grown-up” enough. However, most shades of pink evoke relaxation and a sense of calm, much like blue and green. For a more “adult” pink look, consider muted shades of rum pink or darker pink, or combine shades of pink with blues, greens, or neutral colors.

Black Dorm Rooms

Depending on how it’s used, black decor can have a number of different effects. Black is sometimes used to evoke a sense of alternative quirkiness. At the same time, black can be perceived as modern and sophisticated, especially when combined with white, gray, or gold. Black is also a neutral color that can be combined with shades of beige or tan for a homey or no-nonsense effect.

Choosing a Dorm Room Color

Adding color to a dorm room is an easy way to make a statement and evoke a mood of tranquility, excitement, comfort, or quirkiness. Play around with different shades to create a dorm room that feels like your home at the end of a long day.

How to Decorate a Nautical Theme Bedroom: Design a Nursery or Bedroom with Sailboat, Anchor or Ocean Motif

How to Decorate a Nautical Theme Bedroom: Design a Nursery or Bedroom with Sailboat, Anchor or Ocean Motif

With some creativity, the cost of decorating a nautical theme nursery or bedroom doesn’t have to sink parents’ budgets. Boats can be an affordable motif for any child.

The peaceful blues and whites of a nautical theme make it a popular choice for many baby boy’s bedrooms or nurseries. These tips will put the wind in a decorator’s sails.

Start by Decorating the Walls of the Nautical or Sailboat Theme Bedroom

There’s certainly a wide array of wallpaper choices to complement boat themes for a nursery or bedroom, but many parents opt for the less expensive coat of paint.

Of course, the natural color choice for a sailboat theme bedroom is blue with white accents. Some crib sets are designed with a pastel blue while others use primary blue with red and white touches. Parents can decide whether they like the softer or bolder color scheme and then get to work.

Once the walls are covered, parents can add murals of sailboats, tugboats, lighthouses, ocean liners, houseboats, or anchors. Peel and stick wall decals or stencils are another attractive options to help parents liven up the nautical theme room.

For a personal touch, parents can christen some of the boats in their mural after their child by stenciling in their child’s name.

Bedding, Window Treatments, and Rugs for the Nautical Theme Nursery or Bedroom

For parents who want to go all out with the boating theme in their toddler’s bedroom, there are several choices of boat beds and chairs that can sail their little guy off to dreamland each night. This is one splurge that might prove worth it when parents see the look on their little guy’s face as he captains his bed for the first time. And of course, sailboat beds are often available second hand for bargain hunters at yard sales, in local papers, or on Craig’s List.

Most bed and crib set manufacturers offer one or more choices for sailboat and nautical theme bedspreads, sheets, bumper pads, and even area rugs. Do-it-yourself decorators won’t have any problem locating fun nautical fabrics for making their own curtains, pillows, or rocking chair cushions.

Decorating a Nautical or Sailboat Theme Nursery or Bedroom

An inexpensive place to find nautical accents for a baby nursery is the fleets of colorful plastic boats designed for bath toys. These boats can brighten up bookshelves, dressers, and any other available surface.

There are a host of nautical theme accents that can give the walls added color and depth. A life preserver is a fun touch to the walls of a nautical theme nursery. Parents might also try draping the thick, knotted dock rope around the top of the room. They can give the boat theme room a punch of color by suspending bright nautical flags from the ceiling, over the sides of bookshelves, or around the walls.

Folk art in a nautical theme is an easy and inexpensive accent for the walls. Parents can find an old oar and paint it white. With blue craft paint, they can decorate the bottom of the oar with wavy stripes for water and a silhouette of a sailboat. Another oar can be dressed up with the blue image of an anchor. Hanging the oars in a criss-cross over the child’s bed creates a fun focal point that parents can be proud of.

Posters are another inexpensive way to bring more boats and sailboats into the bedroom or nursery. Hobby stores also provide some great accent pieces such as a boat steering wheel for the wall, lanterns, compasses, and maps.

Higher shelves are a great place to decorate with toy boats, ships in a bottle, compasses, lanterns, miniature lighthouses, and storybooks. Parents can choose classic books like Little Toot whose covers depict colorful sailboats, tugboats, and ocean scenes and set them covers facing outward. Decorating with books is an inexpensive way they can instill a love of reading early.

Parents can personalize the room by taking pictures of their baby in sailor suits or nautical theme outfits and displaying them around the nursery. For an older child’s bedroom, building model boats with their child or snapping photos of sailboats and lighthouses on a family beach trip adds personality to the room. Parents can also help kids clip sailboat pictures from a magazine and use these to decoupage pencil cans, chests, boxes, nightstands, or desks. Creative touches like these make the room feel special and fill it with happy memories.




Pain in the back is a pain in the life. Once it starts pricking you in not only deviated you from your respective job role but also irritates you & distracts you from your goals. Thereby, buying & using those cheap ergonomic chairs for a long-term office period is not a long enduring decision. This is absolutely not the right choice you have taken in your corporate scenario.

But these cheap chairs have always some instant benefits if used over a short period and bought under a tight budget.  The foremost ones that come these are their super glossy looks & their lucrative designs.

We have reviewed a lot of chairs scattered between this between this price range & in our seen the most formidable but price friendly particularly those under £200 are those mentioned below


Top 5 best office chairs under 200$

After a long research about the product quality, user views, customer reviews and seller interviews our team shortlisted a batch of 10 products. The shortlisted chairs were ordered from various sources after a detailed unbiased price analysis, which follows their rigorous usage in our offices under different circumstances, situations and conditions. Finally out of that our panel of experts has decided to choose the best of 5 chairs.

Product Name Material Used & Unique Features Bearing Capacity Options to Adjust Dimensions Framework Best Suited purpose Cons
GT OMEGA OFFICE CHAIR Pure Leather Covering With good quality foam

Extra side shoulder supporting

Cushioned armrest and headrest with padding

110-150 Kg

Metal frameworks support the load

Comes with an inbuilt adjustable armrest, backrest

No adjustments in the headrest

Length : 70 cm

Width: 68 Cm

Height: 132 Cm

Basically built of metal with fiber coating and filled with a premium quality of cushion & sponges Long-term office work

Neck and shoulder pain reliever

Reclined benefits added

Heavy weighted Structure

A slight disturbance in movement

Space consumer

SONGMICS COMPUTER OFFICE CHAIR Fabric Meshwork of polyester

Netted fabric back support

Carbon polymer built wheels for easy rolling

Stainless steel used in the adjustment tube

Lightly weighted structure for all weather use

80-110 Kg

The polymer is the most evolved material used for the purpose

Reclined backrest

Additional 2 part adjustment facility for height, shoulder

Additional  rotational

Length : 65 cm

Width: 65.5 Cm

Height: 29 Cm

Framed with carbon polymer and over that a meshwork of polyester is applied.

The stainless steel adjustment tube and the metal rod off feet hold the load

Commonly Used Office Chair

Sturdy in nature

Enduring in feature

Decent corporate look at the price range

Easy Rolling & displacement

Free 270O rotation activity

Tricky Armrest in shape & adjustment

Low foam content on the armrest

No back Cushions



High-quality PU leather tanned in rich colors which are placed over the best quality foams & cushions. The entire comforter materials are placed over a polyester basing

One word Comforted & a bossy look

90-120 Kg

The perfect combination of carbon fibers & polymers placed over molded alloys & stainless steel

All kinds of adjustment facilities starting from height, neck, shoulder

Additional recliner options for leaning adjustments

Length : 60 cm

Width: 51 Cm

Height: 73Cm

Molded alloys, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Aluminum provides the lightweight to the structure whereas stainless steel bears the heavyweight. With them, the German alloys and the molds make the combination perfect

A higher level of comforts

Anti-Neck & shoulder pain guaranteed due to the extra padding and their researched placements

Rich looks deep black colors and best in class leather

Quality  up hostelry

Paddings get less supportive over time

Space consumer

Not so budget friendly