Pain in the back is a pain in the life. Once it starts pricking you in not only deviated you from your respective job role but also irritates you & distracts you from your goals. Thereby, buying & using those cheap ergonomic chairs for a long-term office period is not a long enduring decision. This is absolutely not the right choice you have taken in your corporate scenario.

But these cheap chairs have always some instant benefits if used over a short period and bought under a tight budget.  The foremost ones that come these are their super glossy looks & their lucrative designs.

We have reviewed a lot of chairs scattered between this between this price range & in our seen the most formidable but price friendly particularly those under £200 are those mentioned below


Top 5 best office chairs under 200$

After a long research about the product quality, user views, customer reviews and seller interviews our team shortlisted a batch of 10 products. The shortlisted chairs were ordered from various sources after a detailed unbiased price analysis, which follows their rigorous usage in our offices under different circumstances, situations and conditions. Finally out of that our panel of experts has decided to choose the best of 5 chairs.

Product Name Material Used & Unique Features Bearing Capacity Options to Adjust Dimensions Framework Best Suited purpose Cons
GT OMEGA OFFICE CHAIR Pure Leather Covering With good quality foam

Extra side shoulder supporting

Cushioned armrest and headrest with padding

110-150 Kg

Metal frameworks support the load

Comes with an inbuilt adjustable armrest, backrest

No adjustments in the headrest

Length : 70 cm

Width: 68 Cm

Height: 132 Cm

Basically built of metal with fiber coating and filled with a premium quality of cushion & sponges Long-term office work

Neck and shoulder pain reliever

Reclined benefits added

Heavy weighted Structure

A slight disturbance in movement

Space consumer

SONGMICS COMPUTER OFFICE CHAIR Fabric Meshwork of polyester

Netted fabric back support

Carbon polymer built wheels for easy rolling

Stainless steel used in the adjustment tube

Lightly weighted structure for all weather use

80-110 Kg

The polymer is the most evolved material used for the purpose

Reclined backrest

Additional 2 part adjustment facility for height, shoulder

Additional  rotational

Length : 65 cm

Width: 65.5 Cm

Height: 29 Cm

Framed with carbon polymer and over that a meshwork of polyester is applied.

The stainless steel adjustment tube and the metal rod off feet hold the load

Commonly Used Office Chair

Sturdy in nature

Enduring in feature

Decent corporate look at the price range

Easy Rolling & displacement

Free 270O rotation activity

Tricky Armrest in shape & adjustment

Low foam content on the armrest

No back Cushions



High-quality PU leather tanned in rich colors which are placed over the best quality foams & cushions. The entire comforter materials are placed over a polyester basing

One word Comforted & a bossy look

90-120 Kg

The perfect combination of carbon fibers & polymers placed over molded alloys & stainless steel

All kinds of adjustment facilities starting from height, neck, shoulder

Additional recliner options for leaning adjustments

Length : 60 cm

Width: 51 Cm

Height: 73Cm

Molded alloys, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Aluminum provides the lightweight to the structure whereas stainless steel bears the heavyweight. With them, the German alloys and the molds make the combination perfect

A higher level of comforts

Anti-Neck & shoulder pain guaranteed due to the extra padding and their researched placements

Rich looks deep black colors and best in class leather

Quality  up hostelry

Paddings get less supportive over time

Space consumer

Not so budget friendly